We ‘re Situated at the Intersection of Ministry & Technology

At community outreach systems, we understand outreach, technology, and how the synergy between them can empower churches to have even more effective ministries.  The technology creates new opportunities every day for us to communicate the good news of the gospel to increasingly large numbers of people in our own communities, and around the world. These technologies, coupled with strategies that are adapted to your church congregation’s strengths and existing ministries will help enhance your impact on your community.

We understand both sides of this equation, because we have many years of professional experience in vocational ministry and applied technologies, as well as finding ways to make them work more powerfully together.  Our approach is a personal one where we will partner with your church to create a winning strategy which will help you meet your outreach objectives.

Our Team

Roy Benjamin


Roy started in ministry with Youth For Christ in his home country of St. Kitts & Nevis.  After working as National Director, he also served in national government before moving to the US, where he has more than 20 years working in Information Technology.  Roy is now a published author and Outreach Consultant.

Steve Law


Steve worked in the technology industry before joining Youth With A Mission in 2001.  After serving for 12 years in Mexico, and southern California, Steve started working as a digital communications consultant for small businesses, churches, and ministries.  Steve volunteers as a worship leader and techical director at his church.